In December of 1991, the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation was looking for new programs to encourage older adults to be more active. One of the ideas brought up was to create a senior softball team. A few Senior Center participants were ahead of the game and had already organized a small informal group, mainly for practice and socializing. The group comprised of Charter members Joe Holguin, Margaret Moreno and Connie Solis, approached the City’s Recreation Department about starting a softball team. With plans laid out, and interest already in place, the Senior Co-Ed softball program was created with seven players and two assistants for a team of nine. The small team tried different names, finally settling on the official team name of the “Go-Getters”, which was officially adopted in 1992.

Twenty five years later, the Go-Getters currently have 79 players divided among five Go-Getter teams. On those teams, are several teammates who are husband and wife, and brother and sister.

Players Joe Holguin and Manny Hernandez have proven that age is just a number as both are still hitting the dirt, playing well into their 80s. Rudy Casas, a familiar face among the Go-Getters has been a member since 1995. Rudy has played all the positions on the field and now takes the helm of one of the teams and runs the day-to-day operations of the Go-Getters program.

The Go-Getters have played more than 850 games since their inception and have participated in numerous tournaments such as the Pasadena Crown Valley Olympics and the Southland Long Beach Olympics. The Go-Getters also play against other senior teams in Commerce, Duarte, Pasadena, Whittier, South El Monte, and Diamond Bar.

When the Go-Getters are not participating in tournaments either competitive or recreational, they play teams organized within the community. Through the years, the Go-Getters have played against teams from Rivera Middle School and the Pico Rivera Teen Club. Since 1998, the Go-Getters have played an annual game against the Pico Rivera City Council and City Employees. Other special tournaments include the USC/UCLA game where current team members who are fans of either school play against each other, representing either the University of Southern California (USC) or the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

According to Casas, the purpose of the Go-Getters is to encourage seniors to stay active and involved in the community. The Go-Getters provide seniors the perfect opportunity to get physical exercise, and mental exercise as well.

If you are interested in joining the Go-Getters or would like additional information, call the Pico Rivera Senior Center at 562.948.4844.


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