This community favorite tire shop describes its secret to succeeding in the region – a dedication to excellent customer service with a focus on rapid service. PR Magazine speaks to local entrepreneur Rudy Salgado.

PR: Tell us about your background and how you became a business owner.

RS: I am the owner of the Salgado Tires. I opened the original tire shop with my uncle in 1999. This business is my first and original business. Today I have several businesses, three in total with the original shop here in Pico Rivera and two in the City of Whittier.

PR: When did Salgado Tire Service open Pico Rivera? Why did you select Pico Rivera as your business location? RS: I searched for a business in several areas and found a good location/lot in this area on the corner of Beverly St.

PR: Are you the original owner? How does the Salgado Tire Service achieve their success? RS: I am the original owner. I work six days a week from eight in the morning to six in the evening. Also, I have family that helps me in the workshop. My daughters help me to prepare the paperwork, forms, and invoices for the shop. My daughters, Nancy and Jessica, work in the main Pico Rivera Shop.

PR: How many employees work at Salgado? RS: There are five employees in the main shop Pico Rivera. There are two employees working in the Whittier shop. The longest working employee is Sirilo Salgado who has worked with me since 1999 when I first opened my shop. He started in the shop and right now is the manager of the Whittier location.

PR: What types of products do you sell at Salgado Tires? Any custom or unique products that you sell in the tire shop? RS: We have tires, specialty rims, brakes, and do suspension work. We sell almost 500 rims in a month.

PR: How does your business recycle tires? RS: I work with a tire recycling company in Los Angeles (Magallanes Tire Recycling). Each month the company will pick up the tires.

PR: What makes your business successful? RS: For Salgado Tires, employees are the priority by taking care of them and supporting them.


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