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Proudly Serving the Community

The Sheriff's Department continues to partner and host community events for the public. Last year, Pico Rivera Station hosted their annual National Night Out where the public got a chance to meet deputies, examine equipment, see demonstrations, and learn about public safety.

In September, the Problem Specific Policing (PSP) Team conducted a three day clean up at the San Gabriel Riverbed, providing assistance and relocation of local transients in the area. Deputies stood by while the City trimmed down overgrown brush and cleaned up trash.


Additionally, Pico Rivera Station hosted an outreach program this year called the Citizen's Academy, an eight-week program for residents offering them a better understanding and connection to the community's safety program.


All those currently seeking volunteer opportunities at Pico Rivera Sheriff Station are encouraged to contact Community Relations Sergeant Vasquez or Volunteer Coordinator Deputy Maradiaga at (562) 949-2421.

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